Gros Morne

The Tablelands Tour

Price: $150.00

Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner

Details: This tour leaves from our home base of Sugar Hill Inn in Norris Point, NL, and takes you through the small coastal community to it’s waterfront. Here, you’ll board the Bontours water taxi and take a journey across scenic Bonne Bay to beautiful Woody Point. Once docked in Woody Point, you’ll be guided through this quaint oceanfront community and through the hills to the geological wonder known as The Tablelands; one of two places on earth where mantle rock lies exposed on the surface and is accessible to visitors. From here, you can take in the breathtaking views and if you choose, complete the 2km hike to the viewpoint that gazes upon the glacially carved Winter House Brook Canyon. Once you’ve taken it all in, you’ll embark on the return trip to Woody Point, cross the water taxi back to Norris Point and return to Sugar Hill Inn. 

Package Includes:

  • One of our knowledgeable guides.
  • A 4-hour e-bike rental.
  • 4km Hike (optional)
  • A return trip across Bonne Bay on the Bontours water taxi.
Chad Milano

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