What is an E-bike?

An e-bike, or pedal assist electric bicycle is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that helps propel you along while you pedal. You get to enjoy the ride, while the motor does the work!

Our Bikes

NCM Prague


Our entry level E-bike. This electric pedal assisted mountain bike is perfect for both road and trail riding.

It has slightly less range than our premium model electric mountain bike, the Moscow Plus, but is still capable of up to an impressive 65km.

This model also meets Gros Morne National Park's requirements for use on shared trails. A list of these trails can be found in the FAQ section on our website.

NCM Moscow Plus

This electric pedal assist mountain bike is your perfect bike for the streets and dirt roads of Gros Morne's communities. It offers more range than our entry level mountain bike, the Prague, as well as an upgraded fork, upgraded display and control unit, hydraulic brakes and a throttle.

As a Class 2 ebike, this model is not permitted on Gros Morne's shared trails, but if booked in advance it can be made compliant with shared trails regulations if all of our prague models are already reserved.


NCM Milano Plus


An electric pedal assisted city bike. This stylish model is perfect for comfortably commuting throughout the communities of Gros Morne. It offers a step through frame for easy mounting, a large cussioned leather saddle with a shock absorbing seat post, a thumb throttle, a back rack for storage, fenders to keep you clean and an incredible range of over 100km. This model is not permitted on the shared trails of Gros Morne and is recommended for road or easy path use only.