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What is an E-Bike?

"An e-bike, or pedal assist electric bicycle is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that helps propel you along while you pedal. You get to enjoy the ride, while the motor does the work!"

Moscow Prague RH3


Prague and Moscow Plus

You'll cruise effortlessly through the scenic trails and comunities on one of our pedal assisted mountain e-bikes.

The Prague is compliant with Gros Mornes shared trail network e-bike regulations, while our Moscow is perfect for cruising the streets, forest roads and trails within the Communities of Gros Morne.

Moscow Plus can also be made shared trail compliant if booked in advance.


Milano Plus

With it's step through frame for easy mounting, a large comfortable saddle with a shock absorbing seat post, a back rack for storage, fenders to keep you clean and an incredible range of over 100km, you'll cruise more comfortably for longer with this pedal assisted city e-bike.

This model is not permitted on the shared trails of Gros Morne and is recommended for road and easy path use only.

Milano Light House
Gros Morne


Tablelands Tour

This tour takes you from our home base in Norris Point, NL and brings you across Bonne Bay to the geological wonder known as The Tablelands. You'll ride an electric bicyle through beautiful ocean side comunities and mountains, take a short boat tour on the Bontours Water Taxi and get to see one of only two places on earth that mantle rock lies exposed on the surface.


"Just finished up our rental, amazing time!!Highly recommend renting these bikes! Mollie was super helpful! Will do it again!!"


"We had a fantastic Experience with our bike rentals. We rented a pair of bikes for two hours, trucked them to Western Brook and did the trail into the pond. Mark is very knowledgeable about the bikes and will get you on your way quickly. Highly recommended."

Chad Butt

"They blew our minds! We thought we would have trouble with the hills, but we didnt break a sweat. We went to Rocky  Harbour, the light house and all around Norris Point and Neddies Harbour. It was a blast!"

Chad Colbourne


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